Opening Hours


Orari: apertura tutti i giorni dal martedì alla domenica ore 10-19 (ultimo ingresso ore 17)
Opening time: open every day from Tuesday to Sunday 10-7pm (last admission 5pm)

Lunedì chiuso
Monday closed

Aperture giorni festivi: 9 e 10 aprile; 25 aprile; 2 giugno
Chiusure giorni festivi: 1 maggio; 29 giugno
Holiday openings: 9 and 10 April; 25 April; June 2nd
Holiday closures: May 1st; June 29th

    Visite Guidate sabato e domenica/Guided tours Saturday and Sunday

    • ore 11:30 visita guidata Inglese/11:30 a.m. guided tour in English
    • ore 12:30 e ore 15:30 visita guidata in italiano/12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. guided tour in Italian

    Biglietteria e informazioni
    Ticket office and information

    Si consiglia l’acquisto del biglietto on line
    Online ticket purchase is recommended

    Booking | VILLA FARNESINA (

    Tel.: +(39) 0668027268

    Per i gruppi (da 10 a max 20 persone) prenotazione obbligatoria e uso obbligatorio delle radioguide
    For groups (from 10 to max 20 people) booking is required and mandatory use of radioguides


    Aperture straordinarie su richiesta della Villa Farnesina: solo il lunedì
    Extraordinary openings at the request of the Villa Farnesina: only on Mondays

    Email: e

    OPENING BY REQUEST (ONLY ON MONDAYS) The opening of the Villa Farnesina is granted to anyone who requests it, unless there is a special approval from the Management department. The reservation of the visit should be made at least 15 days in advance. The payment due must be received at least 10 days in advance of the date of the visit. It should be paid by bank transfer, to the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei – Via Lungara 10-00165 Rome, specifying the date and time of the visit. For details on payment methods, please contact tel.: +39 06 68 02 73 97, e-mail: The stay in the Villa Farnesina cannot exceed 2 hours. For any cancellations made after payment, there is not refund. During the special visits by request, there will not be any special discounts.

    TARIFF 2023
    Borgo Farnese

    Arrangements for visits by elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities Elementary, middle and high schools as well as universities must arrange an appointment for their visit with the personnel working at the Villa Farnesina. There is a daily allowance of up to two classes of thirty students each. Schools must submit a list of their students on headed paper at the entrance. The maximum stay in the Villa Farnesina is 2 hours. Inside parking is prohibited for visitors.
    Photographs and Video Pictures without flash are permitted. Video footage is prohibited both inside and outside of the Villa Farnesina, even during special openings. However, for reasons of personal study which are not linked to the production of material for public disclosure – such as publications, various objects illustrating the entities inside the Villa, or television programs – the Academy, at its discretion, may permit to take a limited amount of footage. In order to request permission for this, it must submit a letter, clearly stating their particular motives for study, addressed to Dr Virginia Lapenta ( The applicant should also deliver a copy of their material/project to the Academy. For photographs and video footage which contribute to the professional image of the Villa, it is necessary to request specific authorization from the Academy, who will examine the request, and upon accepting it, will activate the appropriate proceedings in accordance with current legislation.